Pool Registration

Pool pass registration at the clubhouse on the following days/times:
May 5th 8am to 11am
May 6th 8am to 11am
May 8th 6pm to 8pm
May 9th 6pm to 8pm
May 14th 6pm to 8pm
May 15th 6pm to 8pm
May 16th 6pm to 8pm
May 17th 6pm to 8pm
May 26th 8am to 12pm
May 27th 8am to 12pm
May 28th 8am to 12pm

Residents need to come to the clubhouse to complete the registration form and have pictures taken. We will be using a computer check in program at the pool this summer. Pictures will be taken and stored on the computer, so in the future residents will only need to complete an updated registration form if changes need to be made.

Guest passes will also be available for purchase at the registration times. If you pre-purchase guest passes, you will get 10 punches for $25.00. If you purchase single guest day passes the day of at the pool, you will pay $5.00 for each guest. Please take advantage of the savings and convenience of pre-purchasing a guest pass for your household!